How big of a project can you handle?
Initially, for a new client, we prefer dealing with projects in the range of 30 hours to 1000 hours (approx. time required to complete the entire project) in size in a month. Then we can increase the size gradually, and once we get fully accustomed to the client’s specific requirements, we would be happy to handle projects of any size of that particular client.
How can I be sure of your service quality?
We can provide you with the necessary samples. If you so require, we would be happy to provide you with a no obligation free trial to prove our competence as well as our quality.
How do you charge, per hour or per project?
Our service charges / rates mostly depend on the complexity of the project.
What is your process and time taken for ramping up the team?
  • Gather requirements
  • Check internal resource availability and allocation
  • Re-assign team members appropriately
  • Typically, the time taken to ramp up the team depends entirely on the project size. For instance, we will require up to one week’s time for projects of 1000 hours in size.
    What is your mechanism for monitoring quality during the process?

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    What is your defect logging & tracking process?

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    How do you monitor your delivery status?

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    What is the normal procedure you follow for CAD projects?
    Clients provide us with the inputs and requirements via e-mail, ftp or as hard copies. We then review the requirements including expected delivery time, and contact client for further clarifications, if any. We then submit quote for the project based on the requirement analysis. We then send status updates and proofs of the project in a pre-defined timely manner. Incorporate changes as per feedback from the client and complete the project, and send it back to the client within the committed delivery time/schedule.
    What format of files do you accept?
    We accept almost all types of CAD / Image file formats.
    How do I send assignments down to you?
    You can use Email or FTP to send assignments to us. You can even send us your sketches using snail mail at our India address.
    What are your reporting mechanisms during project execution?
  • Issue scope of work
  • Discuss the delivery schedule with the clients
  • Issue RFI’s
  • Send weekly reports
  • Send progress reports
  • How do I know you’ll keep my sources confidential?
    We would be more than willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on client’s request.
    Can you provide any references?
    We normally do not provide client references, as we sign NDA with all of our clients.
    What is your normal working hrs?
    We normally work 40 hours a week. However, depending on the client’s urgency we can arrange for shifts to complete the project within the required time.
    How many years experience do you have in this industry?
    We have over seven years of solid experience in the business outsourcing industry.
    What is the experience level of your resources?
    The experience level of our resources range from 3 years to 15 years.
    Where is your office located?
    We have offices in the US as well as India.
    What is the preferred means of communication? (Email, MSN, Yahoo, phone, fax, etc)
    We prefer Email and Chat (MSN/Yahoo/AIM/GTalk/Skype). You can also get in touch with us using our US phone and Fax numbers.
    How do we pay you?
    You can pay us using Wire Transfer, Check/Cheque or PayPal.

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