CAD Pricing

At, we provide a simple, affordable and straightforward pricing approach. Each and every project will be estimated by our experienced estimators and pricing will be provided up-front. This will allow you to know the estimated price before we start the project and you will never be hit by any surprise charges.

2D CAD Drafting & CAD Conversions

Our CAD drafting services start at $12/hr. The pricing depends upon the work volume, the conversion type, and project depth in whole. The price includes the prices for CAD drafting services in architectural, civil, structural, MEP, solar and façade. For 2D CAD conversions from paper to CAD conversions, PDF to CAD conversion or scan to CAD conversions, the same price is applicable.

BIM Modeling

Our 3D BIM modeling services start from $15/hr. The final rate will vary depending upon the complexity of the project, Level of Detail (LOD) and the requirement of the client. These changes in price will be mentioned to you before we start the project.

3D Coordination

Our 3D coordination services start from $15/hr. The number of clashes and project complexity will be a deciding factor for the price. Generally, our modelers stick to the basic price without affecting it.

Integrated BIM Project Delivery

Our integrated BIM project delivery starts from $17/hr. The final rate for integrated BIM project delivery may depend upon the number of sectors, the complexity of the integration, number of clashes and LOD requested. The precise hourly rate shall be mentioned to you during project estimation process after a thorough analysis all these factors.


As per the diverse needs associated with CAD drafting, detailing and 3D BIM modeling services, provides a range of price for each service. All the price tariffs are designed to be competitive in nature and at the best of your interest. The pricing provided is based on hourly rates, though we do have a separate team to provide equivalent options as your requirement. The other options include:

Hourly Pricing provides hourly pricing for our clients at a mutually agreed rate. This rate comes into act depending on the project intricacy and time duration. The hours are billed to our clients based on the hours consumed by us for completing the task. We provide a detailed weekly report explaining the hour utilization by the assigned resources. Invoices for the hours utilized for a month shall be forwarded to you on a date mutually concurred.

Hourly pricing is ideal for projects with less turnaround time.

Man-month Pricing

The man-month pricing model is completely based on the allocation of dedicated resources for the task. The resource will be assigned solely for a specific client with a productivity of forty (40) hours per week from a single person from the aforementioned resource. This implies that 160 billable hours of work per month is assured per resource. During any unforeseen absence of the resource, makes sure that we assign an ideal and equivalent substitute resource for uninterrupted project delivery. You can hire as many dedicated resources for your task as required. The man-month pricing shall be based on a monthly basis per resource on a pre-fixed amount based on the skill set requested.

Man-month pricing model is ideal for large projects and ongoing business association.

Project Based Pricing

Lump sum price for the entire project is quoted from the available files and other inputs provided by the client. The project complexity, involved skill-set, expected number of revisions are few of the factors which will decide the project based pricing factor. An invoice will be done on monthly basis in tally with respect to the milestones set for the project.

The project-based pricing model is ideal for the project with fixed scope and minimum revisions.

CAD Studio provides a project coordinator and a team of CAD engineers to a client. The highlighting factor for clients to have a CAD studio pricing model is that they can assign tasks directly to the team and our team works as a part or as an extension of our client’s organization. The CAD studio pricing will be based on a pre-approved amount per team for a month.

The CAD studio pricing model is ideal for clients who don’t want to undergo the hassles of running a CAD detailing company. will do it for you.

Retainer Model

Retailer model may be ideal for clients who do not have a continuous flow of projects but may need to reserve an exclusive resource with adequate domain knowledge for any rush project delivery situation. provides the service at comparatively reduced fixed monthly charges with an additionally hourly price as per the requirement of the client.

Combination Model

As per the client’s requirement, we provide an optimized combination of the abovementioned models. The required resources will be provided to the client as per the requirement of the project.


To get started today with services, just tell us about your project (files for reference would be appreciated). We will provide you a free no-obligation estimate with a straightforward price.

Note: The price mentioned on our website are the indicative price for your reference to understand our service tariff. Our price may vary depending upon the requirement and complexity of the project.



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