Construction Documentation Services

The construction documentation (CD) set contains a complete set of drawings and schedules in an order of their occurrence during the construction process. The CD set shifts the focus from design to communicating the developed design and provides all the necessary information for construction in the right order. It helps architects, engineers, builders, contractors, and construction professionals. The contractors require these documents along with the construction schedules and material takeoffs, to successfully complete the design. In layman’s terms, the design is simply translated to a technical language of a contractor. The construction documents are usually prepared during the last stage of the design process. A complete set of construction documentation consists of architectural, structural, MEP, and civil engineering drawings along with all price specifications and obtaining the building permits. Modeling of all these aspects may also be included in the construction documentation set

The preparation of construction documentation is done using the inputs given by the clients such as scanned images, hand sketches, and markup drawings, etc. The more input from the client, the more detail would be included in the CD set. Our standard construction documentation set consists of cover sheet, foundation plans, foundation details, floor plan, roof plan, ceiling plan, floor finish pattern plan, upper floor framing plans, roof framing plans, door schedule, building section, wall section, cross-sections, interior details, interior elevation, exterior elevation, exterior details, enlarged stair plan, and section, window schedule, typical Window detail, typical Roof detail, stair detail, typical Ceiling detail, and room finish schedule.

Why Construction Documentation Set From Us?

The CD set prepared from us acts as a roadmap that can be effectively used by installers and project managers at the construction site. The documentation assured project profitability, it ensures to meet the tight schedules and longer material lead times.

Now with the construction documentation set we provide, our contractors not only can provide cost-effective and quality service but also bid profitably.