Façade Curtainwall CAD Drafting Services

The experienced façade engineers we have at our arsenal are capable of providing professional Façade services for Architects, Building owners, and Construction personnel. The technical know-how and expertise we have gained over years working in cohesion with the globally leading clients have enabled us to solve complex design challenges to maximize energy efficiency and exceptional solutions that are original, practical, and budget-conscious.

We are familiar with systems such as SCHUCO, GUTMANN, GULF EXTRUSION, JANSEN ECONOMY, JANISOL, VISS, ALCOA, PRESTO profile systems, which enable the most innovative and intrinsic façade concepts to be implemented to perfection while also promoting green building technology.

We support with a wide range of services under the above-mentioned solutions such as 2D Drafting and Detailing, Shop/ Fabrication Drawings, BOM, BOQ & Cutting Lists and Construction Documentation.

Our 2D facade / curtainwall drafting & detailing services include:

Curtain wall(2-Way & 4-Way) detailing & Structural glazing

Unitized, semi-unitized systems


Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) detailing

Spider glazing, Skylight detailing and patch fitting

Steel & green façade detailing

Atrium, Canopies, Glass Stairs &bridges

Internal & External Metal Doors & windows detailing(Contemporary style – Frameless & With frame)

Cast Aluminium/ Glass Railings & Balustrades

Stick wall system , Shop front drawing & Internal Frameless glass partitions detailing